The main benefit of remodeling your bathroom is that it adds value to any property. Another home renovation advantage is its long term energy and water savings. Homeowners who are deciding whether or not to spend their money on remodeling their bathroom are re-assured that a bathroom remodeling job that is done correctly and with the right plan can help them recoup their investment. Irrespective of the sluggish housing market, remodeling your bathroom has consistently offered the highest percentage return on investment (ROI) of 80-100 % !

When considering a bathroom remodeling project, keep in mind that a bathroom can be a small, practical and cute in a 30 sq. ft space. It can also be a very large space of beauty and elegance. A bathroom can be comprised of a corner toilet and corner pedestal sink all the way to spaces for two with separate everything: toilets, showers, spa tubs, seating and even a fireplace !

The pictures on this page show what’s possible when remodeling your bathroom ! Please enjoy these pictures and let us know if we can do your bathroom remodeling project !